LDAP authentication

Bob Miller bob at computerisms.ca
Wed Sep 10 19:41:16 UTC 2014

> Sep 10 11:27:00 localhost dovecot: auth: pam(testuser1,
> pam_authenticate() failed: Permission denied
> Sep 10 11:27:00 localhost dovecot: auth: ldap(testuser1,
> invalid credentials

I am not clear from this if you are using pam auth first and ldap auth
2nd, or if you are trying to use pam to do your ldap authentication for
you.  Assuming the former, I would guess that you are either failing the
auth_bind, or the attributes you are using for user_filter/pass_filter
aren't matching the username format.  I would start by checking the
settings in your dovecot-ldap.conf file...


> Sep 10 11:27:02 localhost dovecot: auth: Debug: client out:
> FAIL#0111#011user=testuser1
> So, I don't know what permission is being denied by PAM, or if that was
> there or not when this did work.  I can access my LDAP server just fine.
> What else can I check?

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