Testing SHA512-CRYPT password hashes with doveadm pw -t fails

Felix Zielcke fzielcke at z-51.de
Thu Jun 4 03:29:54 UTC 2015


I use Debian jessie with Dovecot 2.2.13-11.
While writing a script for Horde to change the passwords in my passwd
file I noticed doveadm pw -t fails for SHA512-CRYPT:

# doveadm pw -s SHA1 -p test
# doveadm pw -t {SHA1}qUqP5cyxm6YcTAhz05Hph5gvu9M= -p test
{SHA1}qUqP5cyxm6YcTAhz05Hph5gvu9M= (verified)

# doveadm pw -s SHA512-CRYPT -p test
doveadm pw -t {SHA512-CRYPT}$6$8FfoioQWQDR/Vuzu$ynKiO/E6Xf4dMvfx2LsP9KQotqy5cEOEppnEh5Hqe1UpCYAgOwSIJlNb0O65fxdYcRZH3gNFQ7ZOM/2kD/R811 -p test
doveadm(root): Fatal: reverse password verification check failed: Password mismatch

If this can't work for SHA512-CRYPT then at least the error message should be more helpful.

Or am I understanding the -t option wrongly?
Then this sohuld be maybe somewhere clarified.

I just use now doveadm auth test which works fine.

Felix Zielcke

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