Does Dovecot allow different clients to subscribe different subsets of IMAP folders?

Steve sjh_dovecot at
Thu Jun 4 12:40:57 UTC 2015

I have a working Dovecot IMAP server (v. 2.2.9) where I have a single 
user but a lot of folders (over 800 in total, hierarchically arranged, 
about 50 of which are in active use.)

I have multiple clients (including k9Mail on Android and Thunderbird on 
Linux and Windows). These clients all present a consistent subscription 
to a single subset of the available folders .

What I'd like to be able to do is (somehow) allow different devices 
(different email clients) to subscribe to a different subset of folders. 
For example, I may want K9mail on my phone to be subscribed only to my 
"main Inbox" - but for Thunderbird on Windows to also be subscribed to 
active mailing-list folders.

Does Dovecot support such a mode of operation? If so, how do I configure 
it? If not, what options are there to achieve the desired end result - 
i.e. different devices/IMAP clients subscribed to different subsets of 
the universe of folders available to a single user.

Mandatory details:
Version : 2.2.9
Configuration: See

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