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Joseph Tam jtam.home at
Mon Jun 8 21:35:08 UTC 2015

Pali Roh?r <pali.rohar at> writes:

> Still I want read/write access to storage and want to use mbox as
> storage (also for easier backup and copy)...

Backup performance may be another big win for Maildir, especially
for incremental backups.  Be that as it may ...

> And my question was how to properly read and write from/to mbox files
> which are used by dovecot.

Dovecot mailbox indices are self-healing: indices should be rengenerated
automatically when the mailbox is out of sync with regards to the
indices.  There may be a few complaints in the mail logs about it
(e.g. UIDVALIDITY changes), but they are mostly harmless.

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