NFSv4 delegation

Alessio Cecchi alessio at
Fri Jun 12 10:02:03 UTC 2015

Il 11/06/2015 16:03, brd ha scritto:
> hi all,
> i'm managing a large installation of a dovecot cluster in director + NFS
> backend architecture and we are moving from NFSv3 to NFSv4. Our NFS
> server is a Netapp


I'm running a similar configuration, expect for the size (medium), with 
Dovecot/Director and NetApp (but without clustered mode), mailbox are in 
Maildir format.

Have you already try to run NFSv4? When we switch to netapp and nfsv4 we 
had many problems (lock problems and instability) and we had to go 
immediately to NFSv3. I don't know if was a netapp problem or nfs client 
(Debian with 2.6 kernel), now we are using Centos 6 as NFS client and we 
should re-try to mount mailbox as nfsv4.

Let me know if nfsv4 works fine for you.
Alessio Cecchi

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