crash dovecot 2.2.18

Hajo Locke Hajo.Locke at
Fri Jun 19 13:30:50 UTC 2015


after upgrading from 2.1.17 to 2.2.18 i have a specific Inbox which 
causes a crash on dovecot:

Jun 19 09:28:03 hostname dovecot: imap(username): Error: Raw backtrace: 
/usr/lib/dovecot/ [0x7f9298c4375f] -> 
/usr/lib/dovecot/ [0x7f9298c437be] -> 
/usr/lib/dovecot/ [0x7f9298bf11aa] -> 
/usr/lib/dovecot/ [0x7f9298ee2d9a] -> 
/usr/lib/dovecot/ [0x7f9298f4ff8b] -> 
[0x7f9298f502c9] -> 
[0x7f9298ee3d18] -> /usr/lib/dovecot/ 
[0x7f9298f62fa2] -> /usr/lib/dovecot/ 
[0x7f9298f631e2] -> /usr/lib/dovecot/ 
[0x7f9298c4d118] -> 
[0x7f9298c4da9d] -> 
[0x7f9298c33065] -> 
[0x7f9298c338d8] -> 
[0x7f9298f4f940] -> /usr/lib/dovecot/ 
[0x7f9298f4fcca] -> 
[0x7f9298f502c9] -> 
[0x7f9298ee3d18] -> /usr/lib/dovecot/ 
[0x7f9298f5185a] -> 
[0x7f9298f51972] -> 
[0x7f9298ee3b76] -> /usr/lib/dovecot/ 
[0x7f9298f5a113] -> 
[0x7f9298f5a471] -> 
[0x7f9298f5801d] -> 
[0x7f9298eecd67] -> dovecot/imap [username ip.ip.ip.ip UID 
SORT](+0x1e7f7) [0x7f92994117f7] -> dovecot/imap [username ip.ip.ip.ip 
UID SORT](imap_search_start+0xf1) [0x7f9299411c41] -> dovecot/imap 
[username ip.ip.ip.ip UID SORT](cmd_sort+0x25b) [0x7f9299407c4b] -> 
dovecot/imap [username ip.ip.ip.ip UID SORT](command_exec+0x4d) 

Mailboxformat is mbox.
I think reason was a damaged Index in ~username/mail/.imap/INBOX/
I removed this folder and immediately errors are gone and Mailbox was 
readable again.
Never noticed this kind of errors for years on 2.1.17, maybe this helps 
to find a Bug in Code.


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