is it safe to have two backed used for the same user?

lejeczek peljasz at
Wed Jun 24 14:55:00 UTC 2015

On 23/06/15 15:34, Steffen Kaiser wrote:
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> On Tue, 23 Jun 2015, lejeczek wrote:
>> I wonder if it is safe (and wise) to have two passw-user 
>> databases for the same one user.
>> I'm thinking,
>> mail to me via pam
>> mail to me at this.domain via ldap
> the first passdb wins. No problem.
>> whole Maildir would be essentially the same one storage 
>> target, I see permissions have to be mangled, available 
>> to write for both vmail and actual uid.
> again, the first userdb wins. Your users can auth agains 
> pam, but the data may come from LDAP or a static userdb.
> If you auth agains PAM successfully, does _not_ mean that 
> you automatically use system users or Dovecot changes uids 
> or something. All such information come from the userdb. 
> If both users match the same userdb entry, they appear the 
> same for Dovecot.
my working setup as above brakes if the target storage 
misses o=rwx (very weird again)
Even if I stick an ACL to it with vmail=rwX it still fails 
and quite silently leaving one clueless.
me via pam = actual UID
me at this.domain via ldap = vmail UID
and that shared storage target seems must have o=rwx ??? (Or 
I still got it wrong somewhere?)

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