replication - remove/delete in storage

B at
Mon Jun 29 12:41:40 UTC 2015

> >If replication should replicate everything what I might have gotten
> >wrong that remove/delete on messages does not replicate?
> >
> >On 26/06/15 15:20, lejeczek wrote:
> >>hi,
> >>novice question - is replication supposed to replicate maildir in
> >>it's entirety?
> >>I get new mails replicated but not operations of
> >>removal/deletion, is this normal?
> >>
> >>many thanks
> >>
> >
> I wonder, remove/etc could be left for only full sync.

Everything should be propagated, including flags by a normal sync.

Make sure you do your operations via IMAP protocol and not via the filesystem.

Also make sure sync works in both directions.


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