imapc fetch optimization

Nagy, Attila bra at
Mon May 4 17:33:00 UTC 2015

On 05/04/15 17:45, Timo Sirainen wrote
>> I'm aware of that, but it doesn't, or at least not always.
>> For example Thunderbird issues this:
>> 13 UID fetch 333574:333601,333630:333801 (UID RFC822.SIZE FLAGS BODY.PEEK[HEADER.FIELDS (From To Cc Bcc Subject Date Message-ID Priority X-Priority References Newsgroups In-Reply-To Content-Type Reply-To)])
>> Dovecot does this to the IMAP backend
>> 18 UID FETCH 333574 (BODY.PEEK[])
> Oh, there were several bugs related to that. Fixed:
Thank you very much for the quick fix(es), I will try them.

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