dovecot-lda panics when postmaster_address is given on command line

Onno Molenkamp onno at
Tue May 12 08:50:06 UTC 2015


When passing a postmaster_address to dovecot-lda on the command line
with -o, it panics:

$ ./dovecot-lda -o postmaster_address=anything

lda(onno,)Panic: file lda-settings.c: line 80 (lda_settings_check):
assertion failed: (set->postmaster_address[0] ==

It looks like postmaster_address has already been expanded at that point
when it's given on the command line. (set->postmaster_address[0] is "1")

I'm running v2.2.15, but with v2.2.17.rc1 the same thing happens.



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