Many Duplicated messages after migrate from 2.0.19 to 2.2.15

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Fri May 15 13:39:10 UTC 2015


In my company, we have several failover clusters (~50k accounts per 
cluster) with Ubuntu12.04 and Dovecot-2.0.19 (without dsync, replication 
at block level with DRBD).

We are migrating to active/active clusters with Ubuntu14.04 and 
Dovecot-2.2.15 with replication via dovecot-dsync. Each new cluster 
consists of two machines and each machine runs two instances of Dovecot 
(one for backend and the other for proxy Dovecot-director).

We did the migration of message files, indexes and sieve scripts using 
rsync to one of the backends. After we turn on the second backend and 
let the dsync work in replication for him.

Now, many accounts are with duplicated messages and some new emails 
delivered are also being duplicated. Doveadm deduplicate doesn't work 
for me. I ran: doveadm deduplicate -u <user> -m ALL

Does do the migration of files with rsync was a mistake ?

We are using mdbox on both clusters.
My confs with doveconf -n for both clusters:

Thanks and regards,
Thiago Henrique

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