Problem with sieve not triggering randomly?

Chris Adams cma at
Fri May 15 18:50:24 UTC 2015

Once upon a time, Stephan Bosch <stephan at> said:
> On 5/15/2015 5:56 PM, Chris Adams wrote:
> > Once upon a time, Stephan Bosch <stephan at> said:
> >> You can check the handling of a particular message yourself using the
> >> sieve-test tool (there is a man page for it). By specifying the `-t -
> >> -Tlevel=matching` options, you'll get detailed information on why a
> >> particular decision is made.
> > Hmm, that's weird.  sieve-test says it would store the message into the
> > Spam folder (as expected), but it was definitely delivered to INBOX.
> BTW, did you consult your logs for any errors? If an error occurs during
> Sieve processing, the default behavior is to file the message into INBOX
> (e.g. when the Spam folder doesn't exist).

Yes, I didn't find any errors, just the lmtp log entry for storing into
INBOX.  In the several cases I looked at, the Spam folder exists, is
getting most spam-flagged messages filed into it, it just seems to be
something about some messages (for example, got a bunch of copies of
this particular spam to different users and they all went to INBOX
instead of Spam).

May 15 09:44:04 dovecot2 dovecot: lmtp(10157): Connect from
May 15 09:44:05 dovecot2 dovecot: lmtp(10157, localuser9 at MikHD8/YVVWtJwAAIYJ+iw: sieve: msgid=<438088200.476329351.0075518260474.JavaMail.root at>: stored mail into mailbox 'INBOX'
May 15 09:44:05 dovecot2 dovecot: lmtp(10157): Disconnect from Successful quit

Also, if the Spam folder didn't exist, I have it set to be autocreated
in the Dovecot config.

I also know that Dovecot can write to the Spam folder okay, because I
did a "doveadm move" to move several "X-Spam-Flag: YES" messages to the
Spam folder, and that worked.

Chris Adams <cma at>

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