Failure at run doveadm deduplicate

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Mon May 18 20:32:08 UTC 2015


In my server, accounts are receiving many doubled emails in its mailbox. 
In some accounts the "doveadm deduplicate" is doing nothing, even if 
there are duplicate messages.

But in some cases, this error has left me particularly concerned:
# doveadm deduplicate -u <user> -m ALL
doveadm(<user>): Panic: file mail-transaction-log.c: line 271 
(mail_transaction_log_rotate): assertion failed: (file->locked)
doveadm(<user>): Error: Raw backtrace: 
/usr/lib/dovecot/ [0x7f77b9f85f30] -> 
[0x7f77b9f85f9a] -> /usr/lib/dovecot/ 
[0x7f77b9f39515] -> /usr/lib/dovecot/ 
[0x7f77ba2b996f] -> 
[0x7f77ba2b8c3e] -> 
[0x7f77ba2b1012] -> 
[0x7f77ba225a36] -> 
[0x7f77ba229d91] -> 
[0x7f77ba229e26] -> 
[0x7f77ba26954b] -> 
[0x7f77ba269657] -> doveadm(+0x1b5f4) [0x7f77bab995f4] -> 
doveadm(+0x1970b) [0x7f77bab9770b] -> 
doveadm(doveadm_mail_try_run+0x26c) [0x7f77bab9845c] -> 
doveadm(main+0x414) [0x7f77bab946a4] -> 
/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ [0x7f77b9b7aec5] 
-> doveadm(+0x168f7) [0x7f77bab948f7]

I'm using dovecot-2.2.15. Is this known? What other kind of information 
could be useful to help find this issue?

Full log on the link:

My confs with doveconf -n :

Thiago Henrique

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