Controlling shared folder rename?

andy at andy at
Tue May 19 20:27:40 UTC 2015

Eventually I figured out a solution that looks like it should work; postlogin scripting described here .  Specifically, the sample at the bottom that adds a shared folder, obviously will need some work to make it work the way I want, but it should work.

May 19 2015 3:18 PM, andy at (mailto:andy at wrote:

	Dovecot version 2.2.16

I'm using shared folders and what I'd like to do is either have the folder that gets shared be able to be renamed by the user, or failing that, to be able to have an administrator define how the shared folder shows up to the account it's shared to.

For example, right now, the INBOX owned by testuser at (mailto:testuser at is shared to otheruser at mydomain as shows up as shared/testuser at (mailto:testuser at because of the prefix directive in the shared namespace in 10-mail.conf.  It would be nice if, either via a dict (like the way the acls work), or via normal IMAP folder commands, that I control how it shows up to otheruser at mydomain.  So if I could do something like:
   prefix = proxy::sharedname
or similar.  Currently trying to rename from IMAP fails -- given the way my understanding of how things works is, I'm not surprised, but hey, it was worth a shot right?

First, does the question make sense?
Two, is there a way to do this?


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