FREAK/Logjam, and SSL protocols to use

Rick Romero rick at
Wed May 27 15:56:41 UTC 2015

  Quoting Gedalya <gedalya at>:

> On 05/27/2015 09:55 AM, Rick Romero wrote:
>> Quoting Gedalya <gedalya at>:
>>> On 05/26/2015 10:37 AM, Ron Leach wrote:
>>>> includes altering DH parameters length to 2048, and re-specifying the
>>>> allowable cipher suites - they give their suggestion.
>>> It looks like there is an error on this page regarding regeneration. In
>>> current dovecots ssl_parameters_regenerate defaults to zero, and this
>>> means regeneration is disabled. The old default was 168 hours (1 week).
>>> The language on is
>>> confusing and could be understood to mean that the current default is
>>> one week.
>>> To enable regeneration you can manually set:
>>> ssl_parameters_regenerate = 60 days
>>> or:ssl_parameters_regenerate = 1 weeks
>> This is really cool and all, but for a low power proxy, it takes a good
>> minutes to regenerate the dh params, and Dovecot listens the entire
>> If the socket were closed during regeneration, then a (basic) front-end
>> load balancer wouldn't still push connections to that proxy during
>> Rick
> I wonder if what is taking 5 minutes is CPU usage or entropy starvation.
> Might be worth looking into.

I'd say CPU usage - I have two identical VMs for dovecot proxies, one is
hosted on a dual Xeon 5450, the other a dual Opteron 2347HE.  Both hosts
are under similar load, but the Xeon host was done within 30 seconds. I
assume the Xeon, besides having a faster base CPU frequency, is just better
for that sort of workload.

I noticed a similar difference when generating params for the web servers,
but I did that externally.

I assume it'd probably be easier to do the dh_parameters config than to
fully disable the socket during regen..


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