Creating IMAP folders/subfolders with Thunderbird

Alex JOST jost+lists at
Fri May 29 10:17:13 UTC 2015

Am 26.05.2015 um 03:38 schrieb Alex Regan:
> Hi,
> I have dovecot-2.2.15 on fedora21 with Thunderbird and having some
> difficulty creating subfolders and deleting folders.
> Creating subfolders results in a folder at the root with a caret instead
> of a slash called folder^subfolder with an entry in .subscriptions with
> that name, instead of a new folder under the directory.
> I'm also unable to delete any folders. The command from within
> Thunderbird is just completely ignored.
> Any idea what's happening here?
> Thanks,
> Alex

This seems to be a bug in Thunderbird:


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