Problems Converting from Cyrus to Dovecot (cyrus2dovecot)

Forrest those.lists at
Wed Nov 4 19:47:46 UTC 2015

I have been attempting to use the cyrus2dovecot script, to no avail.

I have many years of content that I want to convert from Cyrus to 
Dovecot; with the above not working, what are other options out there?  
Another idea I had is simply set up another IMAP server (using Dovecot) 
and drag-and-drop and just wait, which I may end up doing.

In the above, I copied over my entire /var/imap and /var/spool/imap to 
another system; there is only one account (mine), so calling the script 
was fairly easy; it just doesn't work.

inboxes=the "myaccount" that was copied over

/home/myaccount/cyrus2dovecot --cyrus-inbox /home/myaccount/inboxes/%u     \
                   --cyrus-seen /home/myaccount/varimap/user/%h/%u.seen    \
                   --cyrus-sub /home/varimap/user/%h/%u.sub      \
                   --dovecot-inbox /home/myaccount/dovecot/Maildir \

the log output complains of:

     cyrus2dovecot [myaccount]: (warning) Index record missing for: 

and correctly complains about squat indices, as that's not a file it 
would handle.  There is no output into the Maildir, however.

All directory paths are correct.


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