Dsync problems

Frank de Bot (lists) lists at searchy.net
Sun Nov 8 21:23:00 UTC 2015


I'm setting up a migration between 2 dovecot servers 2.1.12 to 2.2.19 .
I've ran into some issues with dsync.

I use the following command for syncing:

doveadm -o mail_fsync=never -o imapc_host=%remote% -o
imapc_master_user=master -o imapc_password=%masterpw% -o
imapc_features="rfc822.size fetch-headers" -o mail_prefetch_count=20 -o
imapc_user=%user% backup -1 -R -u %user% imapc:

I execute a full sync first and when the mailserver are being migrated
it only would have to do incremental. The first is run is without problems.
But I find the following problem:

- Flags on current mails aren't updated. If I set message to unread, the
sync won't pick them up.
- On the origin dovecot server I had removed some messages and purged
the inbox. Those message are now in the Trash and are created again and
again when I sync

Is this normal behaviour? It renders it pretty much useless since data
consistency isn't guaranteed.


Frank de Bot

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