fail: doveadm backup -s "<state>" with a huuge number of mailboxes

Heiko Schlittermann hs at
Thu Nov 12 10:56:44 UTC 2015


I'm using 2.2.13.

For syncing I'm using repetitions of about the
following (simplified for readability):

    doveadm \
        -o imapc_master_user=<master> \
        -o imapc_password=<pw>      \
        -o imapc_host=<host>        \
        -o mail_fsync=never         \
        backup -s "$(<.s)" -u "<user>" -R imapc: >.s_new
    mv .s_new .s

The user has about 4501 IMAP folders. This makes a huge
state output of about 128 kB. This in turn leads to an overly long
command line in the next iteration. (excuse: command line too long)

Is there any chance to solve this? I think, the only possibility would
be to have doveadm-backup -s read the state from a *file*, wouldn't it?

(Apart from the fact that I do not see a manpage for this, except
entries in the Wiki (but this may be due to poor packaging) of the
Debian dovecot package.)

    Best regards from Dresden/Germany
    Viele Grüße aus Dresden
    Heiko Schlittermann
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