FTS, multiple virtualmailbox entries for single mailbox

Frank de Bot (lists) lists at searchy.net
Thu Nov 12 20:35:07 UTC 2015


i have a dovecot setup with virtual users. Each user has 2 entries for
his mailbox. One is with the username formatted as
%username%@%default_realm%  , the other %username%@%domain%

I've done some tests with it, but I don't complete understand how it works
 - I've emptied all document in solr so it empty. Doveadm is instructed
to do the same with 'doveadm -D -v fts rescan -A'
 - I reindex %username%@%default_realm% with 'doveadm -D index -u
%username%@%default_realm% '*'
 - With fluke I can see 4 indexes documents.
 - I reindex %username%@%domain%
 - No documents are added to Solr, dovecot finds it's up-to-date
 - After 'doveadm -D -v fts rescan -A' the documents are added

The part I don't understand is that a certain key  used for indexing,
but dovecot checks based on something else. If find this inconsistent.

How can I manage to get virtualmailboxes where multiple logins are
allowed on 1 mailbox and FTS is working? I think it won't work well this
way if a user logs in with only a certain username with the default
realm. Message received by dovecot will be indexed in Solr with
%username%@%domain% , but there will be no indexed documents for

A earlier threads suggested to be able to override the username for FTS,
but it was tought to be not a good idea.


Frank de Bot

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