doveadm import/sync with read-only source location

Teodor Milkov tm at
Tue Nov 17 08:35:11 UTC 2015


Currently doveadm tool can't be used with read-only source locations 
because it's trying to create lock files.

I'd guess lock files shouldn't be necessary on a read-only media, 
because no one else is going to change anything while our doveadm 
instance is running anyway. Example:

doveadm import -u test at 
maildir:/backup.0/domains/ restored ALL
doveadm(test at Error: 
failed: Read-only file system

Perhaps this should be something like doveadm backup -R flag, but in the 
opposite direction – i.e. we have a [full] backup command, but no 
[partial] restore command right now. Or am I missing something?

Best regards,

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