How to "Windows Authenticate"

Mark Foley mfoley at
Wed Sep 2 17:31:35 UTC 2015

I've been using Dovecot 2.2.15 as the IMAP server for Outlook (2010/2013) on
Windows workstations for over 6 months with no problems.  Dovecot is hosted on
the office Samba4 AC/DC server. 

I have been using auth_mechanisms plain login, and passdb driver = shadow.

What I'd like to do now is use the "Windows Authenticated" login so I don't have
to have separate passwords for users logging into the Windows AD workstations
and their Outlook clients.

If anyone has actually done this I'd appreciate some tips. My various attempts
have not been successful.

Here is my current config:

$ doveconf -n
# 2.2.15: /usr/local/etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf
# OS: Linux 3.10.17 x86_64 Slackware 14.1
auth_debug_passwords = yes
auth_mechanisms = plain login
auth_verbose = yes
auth_verbose_passwords = plain
disable_plaintext_auth = no
info_log_path = /var/log/dovecot_info
mail_location = maildir:~/Maildir
passdb {
  driver = shadow
protocols = imap
ssl_cert = </etc/ssl/certs/OHPRS/GoDaddy/Apache/c5fe0cc8242d6030.crt
ssl_key = </etc/ssl/certs/OHPRS/GoDaddy/
userdb {
  driver = passwd
verbose_ssl = yes

Thanks, Mark Foley

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