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Christian Kivalo ml+dovecot at
Tue Sep 8 15:39:42 UTC 2015

Am 08. September 2015 17:15:13 MESZ, schrieb Michele Locati <mlocati at>:
>Hi all
>I'm using Dovecot 2.2.9 and I'm having problems configuring multiple
>vacation actions.
>The problem is that I'd like to have two different senders and two
>different messages, selecting the correct case by the recipient email
>I mean, if someone writes me to my email address
>"to-address1 at"
>I'd like to answer from "from-address1 at" with the message
>If someone writes me to my email address "to-address2 at" I'd
>to answer from "from-address2 at" with the message "TEST 2".
>Here's my script:
>require ["fileinto","vacation"];
>vacation :addresses ["to-address1 at"] :from "
>from-address1 at" text:
>vacation :addresses ["to-address2 at"] :from "
>from-address2 at" text:
>But the vacation filter doesn't work, and I see this message in the log
>main script: line X: error: duplicate vacation action not allowed
>(previously triggered one was here: main script: line Y).
>Is there a way to allow multiple vacation actions?

Should be possible with an if elsif clause.


If address :is "to" "address 1" {
} elsif address :is "to" "address 2" {

Look at the sieve configuration examples at 

Also take a look at the sieve vacation RFC, part 4.8, Examples at

>Thank you

- c

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