Cyrus mailbox (plain files) to Dovecot

Wolfgang Rosenauer wrosenauer at
Fri Sep 25 11:03:18 UTC 2015


I'm migrating from a Cyrus to a Dovecot installation right now. As part of
it I've got plain Cyrus mailboxes (w/o real metadata; so to say I've got
the /var/spool/imap/user part but not the /var/lib/imap/user one)).
Those former mailboxes I want to provide under a public namespace via ACLs.
The question I cannot answer right now is:
How can I convert these plain mailboxes on a FS level to maildir++ so I can
provide them as public mailboxes on the new system? The tools I have found
require a valid/complete cyrus mailbox. (I don't really care about message
flags etc).


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