dovecot quota service for postfix

Michael Peter roundcube222 at
Sat Sep 26 08:40:36 UTC 2015


I am trying to use dovecot quota service for postfix in order set quota
for some users.

i configure postfix policy service to ask dovecot if user quota is
sufficient to accept the email or not.

(dovecot in this case acts only as policy server to postfix as it only
ACCEPT/REJECT email according to user quota, but it is not used to deliver
email , because postfix will deliver the email to user mailbox)

Incase user is underquota, then the email is returned back to postfix for
processing and delivering email to user mbox, incase user has no
sufficient quota then dovecot will inform postfix to reject email.

Please confirm if what i mentioned above is correct and that i understand
correctly how dove-cot policy works with postfix.

Kindly check my configuration below and advise the missing parts to add...

plugin {
    quota_rule = *:storage=1G
    quota_grace = 10%%
    # 10% is the default
    quota_status_success = DUNNO
    quota_status_nouser = DUNNO
    quota_status_overquota = "552 5.2.2 Mailbox is full"

The above configurations is for all users which is not override by  quota
rules in  userdb's extra fields in my password file below.

Is the above configuration missing some thing ? i am using mbox format for
emails storage. do you i have to add (quota= SOMETHING) before (quote_rule
=  *:storage=1G) and what to do add to make dovecot support mbox quota?

smtpd_recipient_restrictions =

service quota-status {
    executable = quota-status -p postfix
    inet_listener {
        port = 12340
    client_limit = 1

now in order to configure dovecot specific quota for user named (user1) i
use passwd-file as follow


All other users except users1 should have 1GB storage according to this
configuration. which user1 will only have 300MB

Please advise what is my configuration is missing and if i need to add any
thing to run without issues.

Many thanks

Michael Peter

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