Problem with SHA2/Geotrust and dovecot 2.0.9

Marco Fretz marco.fretz at
Mon Sep 28 06:42:26 UTC 2015


does the cert work if you open and output it as text with openssl command?
not sure if 2.0.9 does support sha2, I think it should - I guess it
actually depends on openssl libs not dovecot.

On 08.09.2015 15:17, Il Neofita wrote:
> Hi
> I have renew my geotrust certificate using sha2, and I have problem with
> Dovecot 2.0.9 and redhat 6.7.
> The same certificate is working in Apache.
> The error is
> dovecot: imap-login: Fatal: Can't load ssl_cert: There is no valid PEM
> certificate.
> and the configuration file is
> ssl_cert=</etc/pki/dovecot/certs/2015/new.2015.pem
> ssl_key =</etc/pki/dovecot/private/new.2015.key
> ssl_ca = </etc/pki/dovecot/certs/2015/new-intermediate.crt
> What I should do?

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