enable/disable shared namespace in passdb

abi at oleane.net abi at oleane.net
Mon Apr 4 10:28:27 UTC 2016

hello all

i'm currently using passdb to enable and disable various namespaces 
conditionally :  for example the following work


but i can't get things like the following to work



the shared namespace is configured as shown below

namespace shared {
     type = shared
     list = yes    # children
     disabled = yes
     separator = /
     prefix = shared/%%u/
     location = imapc:~/dovemail/shared/%%u/

imapc_host = localhost
imapc_port = 143
imapc_password = superpassword		# either super or a dummy 
imapc_master_user = %u


it seems the shared namespaces do not have names any more so they can't 
be modified dynamically

is there a way to circumvent ?  something i missed ?

i'm running 2.2.22 but i can switch easily to 2.2.9 or any other version 
providing master_user or one of the variables that can let me know if a 
master login was performed is available in passdb

the reason i'm doing this is so i can prevent long chains/loops from 
occuring : then accessed by imapc: , the passdb should disable the 
shared namespace so it does not produce (an)other imapc connection(s)

thanks for your help


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