[Dovecot] Replication and public namespaces

Sergey Schwartz sergey.schwartz at bgoperator.com
Mon Apr 11 17:20:15 UTC 2016


I don't think you need to do any extra work, just replicate INBOX namespace.
For my setup any shared mailbox is actually someone's mailbox from INBOX 
namespace and it is replicated normally.

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Sergey Schwartz

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07.04.2016 07:30, Georg Schuetze пишет:
> On 03/31/2016 11:08 AM, Sergey Schwartz wrote:
>> There is a workaround - limit replication scope with INBOX namespace
>> only.
> Sergey,
> thanks for pointing that out.
> I already thought of that, but this means, that i need some extra
> periodic replication for the public namespaces (hence on a failover,
> there is likely something missing).
> Best,
>    Georg.

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