Different usernames for different login method

Luca Bertoncello lucabert at lucabert.de
Tue Apr 12 20:14:19 UTC 2016

Hi again!

With Dovecot 2.2.9 authenticating against the Active Directory I have
following problem:

- if I login using LOGIN, PLAIN or CRAM, the username is REALM\login (in my
  case: CCH\lucabert)
- if I login using GSSAPI, the username is just login (in my case: lucabert)

this makes the access to the mailbox very difficult, since I don't what can I
write in mail_location...
If I login with LOGIN, I can write:


but of course it does not work if I login using GSSAPI...

The mailboxes have just the login (in my case: lucabert).
Can someone explain me why %u is different and how can I solve my problem?

Thanks a lot
Luca Bertoncello
(lucabert at lucabert.de)

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