v2.3 development tree forked in git

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Wed Apr 13 14:19:05 UTC 2016

Op 13-4-2016 om 12:57 schreef Timo Sirainen:
> The git master branch starts tracking Dovecot v2.3 development from now on. There are soon going to be several API changes there that might break plugins. If you wish to keep tracking latest v2.2.x development instead, switch to master-2.2 branch.
> The nightly releases at http://dovecot.org/nightly/ will also track v2.3 tree.

Current Xi repositories now track master-2.2, since these are 
dovecot-2.2 repositories.

Will start a v2.3 builder later today.



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