Dovecot and Windows Live Mail 2012?

David Mehler dave.mehler at
Wed Apr 13 14:51:10 UTC 2016


I hope someone has this working, because I'm pulling my hair out at this one.

I'm using well for this it's a win7 x64 machine running Windows
Essentials 2012 and using the Windows Live mail component. I am trying
to connect to my Dovecot server running 2.23 I believe. I keep getting
the error "the imap command could not be sent to the server because of
a non-network error" googling showed many with this, but no fix.

In this account I'm trying to access port 143 which uses starttls. In
Mail I've got the boxes for require a secure connection and
authentication checked.

I should note of course and with no surprise that Mail works oh just
fine with the Hotmail account I've also got configured, it's only with
the downloading of folders and sending of email to the dovecot server
that mail has the issue.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional information.

Help appreciated.


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