push-notification plugin and imap-metadata permissions

giovanni at giovannisfois.net giovanni at giovannisfois.net
Sat Apr 23 07:01:27 UTC 2016

On 2016-04-22 09:07 PM, Timo Sirainen wrote:
> On 22 Apr 2016, at 15:17, Giovanni S. Fois <giovanni at giovannisfois.net> wrote:
>> In order to tell if a mailbox is enabled to send out the notification, the plugin
>> looks out for the following mailbox metadata key:
>> /private/vendor/vendor.dovecot/pvt/server/vendor/vendor.dovecot/http-notify
>> If the key is set then everything is OK and the notification is sent, otherwise the
>> action is skipped.
>> If I try to setup the metadata key by hand (telnet as the user over the imap port):
>> setmetadata INBOX (/private/vendor/vendor.dovecot/pvt/server/vendor/vendor.dovecot/http-notify "user=myuser at mydomain.com")
>> I get the error message: "Internal mailbox attributes cannot be accessed"
> Server metadata is set with:
> a SETMETADATA "" (/private/vendor/vendor.dovecot/http-notify "user=myuser at mydomain.com")
> Which should internally map into the INBOX's /private/vendor/vendor.dovecot/pvt/server/vendor/vendor.dovecot/http-notify.

I am sorry, but this is not working.
As you suggested I have launched the imap commands:

a setmetadata ""  (/private/vendor/vendor.dovecot/http-notify 
"user=myuser at mydomain.com")
b getmetadata "" "/private/vendor/vendor.dovecot/http-notify"
c getmetadata "INBOX" 

the 'b' command returns a sort of json with the correct result
the 'c' command returns NIL

By the way,  hardcoding the key as 
"/private/vendor/vendor.dovecot/http-notify" and recompiling the plugin
has the effect to bring the system on the expected course.

Thank you again for your time and kind support.

Have a good weekend,

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