Redirect indicator issue in Maildir flag seems to be an issue [missing?]

Andrew McGlashan andrew.mcglashan at
Sat Apr 23 18:27:47 UTC 2016


I've got an issue with the latest Thunderbird, although I'm not sure
this is when the problem started (version 45.0) it has an add-on
"mailredirect (version 0.8.7)".

In the past I've been able to redirect mail (bounce them) and I get a
nice little green arrow like indicator (in TB) to  show that I
redirected the particular email.

Now, that green arrow appears briefly, then it goes away and I can no
longer tell by looking at my email list if the email has, in fact, been
bounced or not.

I suspect it is dovecot on the Debian server:

  dovecot-common                     1:2.1.7-7+deb7u1
  dovecot-core                       1:2.1.7-7+deb7u1
  dovecot-imapd                      1:2.1.7-7+deb7u1
  dovecot-pop3d                      1:2.1.7-7+deb7u1

It isn't just Thunderbird though, as I just tried to redirect using a
Squirrelmail plugin, and it gives me the same problem; so I don't think
it is at the MUA end of the deal.  It /may/ be that TB is setting the
flag and resetting it or dovecot is resetting it....

Any ideas?  Nobody else has seen this yet?


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