doveadm backup 2.2.23 ignores -u, but reads USER environment?

Heiko Schlittermann hs at
Mon Apr 25 22:00:54 UTC 2016


during a migration (cyrus -> dovecot) we ran into trouble¹ using 'doveadm backup'
with 2.2.9. So I built 2.2.22 and 2.2.23, but they expose quite different behaviour. 

2.2.22 seems to work at least partially, but 2.2.23 complains about a
non existing user (root?).

The command I'm running is:

        doveadm -o pop3_uidl_format=%v.%u \
                -o imapc_master_user=cyrus -o imapc_password=* -o imapc_host=* \
                -o mail_fsync=never \
                -o imapc_ssl_verify=no -o imapc_ssl=imaps -o imapc_port=993 \
                backup -f -u heiko -R imapc:

Using 2.2.9 or 2.2.22 it works, using 2.2.23 "-u …" is ignored and I've to pass
the user via the USER environment.

But according to the manpage of doveadm-sync

    -u user/mask
    Run the command only for the given user.  It's also possible to use
    '*' and '?' wildcards (e.g. -u *  When neither the -A
    option, nor the -F file option, nor the -u user was specified, the
    command will be executed with the environment of the currently
    logged in user.

Interestingly enough -u 'heiko*' works fine, even with USER=root.
So the environment doesn't seem to override -u … always.

Maybe an important side note: the user 'heiko' doesn't exist as a local
system user, he is known via LDAP only.

And for e.g. 'doveadm quota -u heiko' it works as expected, even with

¹) solved meanwhile by using -o mail_plugins=
   as the quota plugin seems to crash 'doveadm backup'

    Best regards from Dresden/Germany
    Viele Grüße aus Dresden
    Heiko Schlittermann
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