Accessing to mail as another user

Angel L. Mateo amateo at
Tue Feb 9 09:54:19 UTC 2016


	I'm looking for a way to access to a POP/IMAP account as another user 
different than me, but using my password. That is, I'm 
"someone at" and I want to access to "anotherone at" 
mailbox using the password of "someone at", not the 
"anotherone at" (something similar to master passwords, but 
without sharing any password). Obviously, in my LDAP backend I can 
configure something to authorize "someone" to access to "anotherone"'s 

	At this momment, I'm trying to use 
someone at at as username, with a passdb that 
uses %{username}@%{domain_first} to authenticate the user, but I'm 
having problem to configure a userdb map to get the mailbox, because the 
%{domain_first} variable returns just "". To fix this, I could 
use "someone at", but this has problems with virtual 
domains an different users with same username (someone at and 
someone at

	Looking at documentation, at [1], in the "auth_user" variable says: 
"... If username changes during authentication, this value contains the 
original username..." what leads me to think that there is some way to 
change the user during the authentication process, but I don't know how 
or maybe I'm assuming wrong.

	Any help with this? Thank you

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