Returning custom autoexpunge for user's INBOX

Tom Johnson tj at
Mon Feb 29 22:00:57 UTC 2016

I wrote:

> I want to be able to have custom autoexpunge settings for different users.

Sorry to follow up on my own post - but will it work if I define the inbox explicitly in 15-mailboxes.conf?  Does this syntax properly set autoexpunge for the inbox?

namespace inbox {
  separator = .
  # These mailboxes are widely used and could perhaps be created automatically:
  mailbox Inbox {
    autoexpunge = 0

Will this give me no autoexpunge by default, and then allow me to override it in with via userdb_import in my sql query?

At first glance it doesn't throw an error - I just want to be sure that autoexpunge is disabled when it's explicitly sent to zero, and that I'm correctly referencing the inbox in 15-mailboxes.conf and in userdb_import (namespace/inbox/mailbox/INBOX/autoexpunge=5d).


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