Error when searching in mailfolders

Timo Sirainen tss at
Thu Jun 30 13:11:05 UTC 2016

> On 30 Jun 2016, at 15:56, Christoph Pleger <Christoph at> wrote:
> Hello,
>>>> Lucene library is throwing an error, which crashes Dovecot. Maybe Dovecot
>>>> should catch the error, but it would still be broken. Try deleting the
> lucene indexes and rebuilding them?
>>> Deleting the indexes helped, but after they had been rebuilt, the error
> occurred again.
>> Could you enable core dumps and run bt full in gdb?
> I attached the result.

It crashes in:

_CLTHROWA(CL_ERR_IllegalArgument, "language not available for stemming\n"); //todo: richer error

So looks like you're trying to use an unknown language. If you have only a single language, don't enable textcat. Or if you do, I guess you need to disable some languages that Snowball doesn't like.

Yet another possibility could be to use Dovecot's new lib-fts, which can also be used with fts-lucene. It's still basically the same snowball+textcat though, but made to work better. But looks like it's not documented yet in wiki..

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