[ext] Re: Panic: file smtp-address.c: line 530 (smtp_address_write): assertion failed: (smtp_char_is_qpair(*p))

Ralf Hildebrandt Ralf.Hildebrandt at charite.de
Sun Mar 4 00:08:23 EET 2018

> 1) Who or what is sending messages like that (without the proper
> capability support available at the server side)?

I think that was some sort of commercial mass mailer:

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> 2) Why would an MTA accept this message? What software is doing that
> (and why)?

Postfix. It was just in the headers, so it was not relevvant for delivery.

> 3) What does the envelope address look like? Do both header and envelope
> have that umlaut (unlikely, because Dovecot should reject that already)?
> Maybe this could be fixed by substituting the envelope address if it is
> sufficiently similar.

Envelope sender is: bounce+15396 at bounce.crsend.com

> 4) Where does this fail actually? At some point it is trying to
> construct an SMTP (RFC 5321) address from the header address (RFC 5322).
> Do you have a GDB backtrace with proper symbols?

Don't have a backtrace yet, but since the mail is still in the queue I
could try getting one.

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