[ext] Re: Panic: file smtp-address.c: line 530 (smtp_address_write): assertion failed: (smtp_char_is_qpair(*p))

Ralf Hildebrandt Ralf.Hildebrandt at charite.de
Mon Mar 5 15:02:58 EET 2018

> I wasn't able to confirm it since I've not moved to 2.3 yet and the 2.2
> code is different, but this should happen if there are characters from
> 0x01 to 0x1f or from 0x7f to 0xff in the local part.

Yeah, I was running 2.2.x prior to my upgrade and never encountered

> By the way I noticed that if Postfix has SMTPUTF8 enabled, then it won't
> hand off messages with this content to Dovecot since Dovecot does not
> advertise support for SMTPUTF8. If SMTPUTF8 is unavailable or disabled
> then Postfix passes on those characters. I suspect that Ralph has
> SMTPUTF8 turned off.

Ah I see:

When a message is received with the SMTPUTF8 request, Postfix will
deliver the message to a non-SMTPUTF8 SMTP or LMTP server ONLY if:

* No message header value contains UTF-8.
* The envelope sender address contains no UTF-8,
* No envelope recipient address for that specific SMTP/LMTP delivery transaction contains UTF-8.

I wonder if this will break a lot.

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