Outlook 2016 & IMAP Trouble with dovecot

G A secadm2007 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 11:04:45 EET 2018

On 03/05/2018 05:40 PM, John Woods wrote:
> George,
>     We run Dovecot with Outlook, and have had similar problems when 
> Outlook is operating in "Offline Mode". When you're in offline mode, 
> doing any folder-level operations, such as Copy, Create, Rename, Move, 
> Delete, etc. causes problems with the mailbox. The end result is that 
> you could lose e-mails and entire folders that were involved in the 
> offline operation.
>     How we have fixed this in the past, what we have done is:
>  1. Do an Outlook "export" of the entire contents of the IMAP account
>     into a ".pst" file. (This saves the e-mails that may be at-risk of
>     being lost.)
>  2. Delete the IMAP account in Outlook, which includes the ".ost" file.
>  3. Delete the IMAP account on the Dovecot server
>  4. Reconfigure the IMAP account in Outlook
>  5. Restore the IMAP contents from the ".pst" file in step #1.
>  6. Educate the user about not doing folder-level operations while in
>     offline mode.
>     Hope this helps...
> Thanks,
> John


that means that outlook is useless as an Imap client then . This is the 
whole idea behind
imap, to be able to do work while off-line and sync changes when on-line 
or I get it wrong ?

thanks anyway

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