Virtual Mailboxes redux

@lbutlr kremels at
Tue Mar 6 23:41:17 EET 2018

You only had to look into Teatime's mismatched eyes to know one thing,
which was this: if Teatime wanted to find you he would not look
everywhere. He'd look in only one place, which would be the place where
you were hiding. --Hogfather

> On 06 Mar 2018, at 13:13, Rob Hoelz <rob+dovecot at> wrote:
> I've had success using "doveadm mailbox list”

 # doveadm mailbox list -u kremels

So far so good.

> and using "doveadm search mailbox $VIRTUAL_MAILBOX”

 # doveadm search mailbox "" -u kremels 


 # doveadm search mailbox "INBOX" -u kremels
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 83
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 84
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 85
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 86
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 89
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 90
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 91
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 92
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 93
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 94
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 95
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 96
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 97
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 98
e0fc6a3557f62158c111000021d1a38d 99

Do the dovecot-vitual files require certain permissions? They are 644 and owned by root:wheel

I don’t see any errors on starting dovecot.

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