Extra intermediate certificate when using ssl_alt_cert

John Fawcett john at voipsupport.it
Sat Mar 10 14:49:55 EET 2018

On 08/03/18 18:43, Peter Linss wrote:
> I just added an ECDSA certificate to my mail server using ssl_alt_cert (the RSA certificate is specified by ssl_cert), both certificate files contain the certificate and a single intermediate (which currently happens to be the same intermediate from Let’s Encrypt).
> When connecting to the server using either RSA or ECDSA ciphers, the server sends the proper certificate, but also sends two intermediates. Apparently it’s reading the intermediate from both files and using both for all situations, rather than using only the intermediate in the RSA file for RSA certificates, and the intermediate in the ECDSA file for ECDSA certificates. I expect this will be a bigger problem when Let’s Encrypt starts using ECDSA intermediates.
> Removing the intermediate from the ssl_alt_cert file solves the problem (but then doesn’t allow an ECDSA intermediate to be specified).

I believe that supplying multiple unrelated intermediate certificates is
an incorrect behaviour, though I don't know if this is a problem that
can be solved in Dovecot or has to be addressed in openssl itself.

Do you get any issue in certificate validation in the client?


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