"failed to map segment from shared object" in sieve pipe

Stephan Bosch stephan at rename-it.nl
Thu Mar 22 02:16:56 EET 2018

Op 3/22/2018 om 12:14 AM schreef Dorian Taylor:
> Hello,
> I have encountered a problem attempting to run a program in a sieve pipe. The program is a Perl script that loads a number of binary (XS) modules at runtime. The program crashes, it appears, if it tries to load too many. The (non-Perl part of the) error message is "failed to map segment from shared object” — no additional information.
> Cryptic error messages like this have the odour of imposed resource restrictions, so I’m wondering if there are any on the pipe/filter/execute implementation (e.g. via program_client_run).
> Any configuration knobs I can twiddle? Any insights for debugging?
> PS this is the dovecot 2.2.22 (fe789d2), the one that ships with Ubuntu Xenial.

Those knobs depend a on your config. If there is truly some resource
limit causing this, it could be the vsz_limit of the (parent) process
invoking your program. Which service is doing that depends on your
config, either LMTP, the script service (when you're using socket
programs), or dovecot-lda (so, basically your MTA - not controlled by
Dovecot obviously).




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