dovecot-uidlist is not up-to-date

Dmitry Filonov filonovd at
Thu Mar 22 06:32:41 EET 2018

Tried that. It rebuilds index based on dovecot-uidlist. But not the dovecot-uidlist based on actual mail data. :(


On March 21, 2018 11:58:21 PM EDT, "@lbutlr" <kremels at> wrote:
>On 2018-03-21 (17:15 MDT), Dmitry Filonov
><filonovd at> wrote:
>> Now the question is if there's any way to tell dovecot to rebuild
>dovecot-uidlist files using actual Maildir data. I don't want to remove
>dovecot-uidlist files as this triggers the whole mailbox being
>re-downloaded by the imap client. With some accounts having over 100Gb
>of mail this is too much of a hassle. I just need dovecot itself to fix
>it's data.
> doveadm index -A '*'
>if that doesn't work then perhaps
> doveadm force-resync -A '*'
>of course you can use -u <user> for a specific user instead of -A for
>all users.
>On 20-12-2013 Wes Groleau wrote:
>>On 12-20-2013, 10:04, George Kerby wrote:
>>> 'Tis the Season to bitch and moan.
>> That doesn't fit the tune you @#$%#$&%$*#$@%T#^% !

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