How to stop sieve processing to skip sieve_after scripts ?

Mr Nicolas Belan bsd_2000 at
Fri Mar 23 11:31:41 EET 2018

sieve_default shoud be good, but roundcube set an empty sieve script if a user removed its script.So, until the user creates its first script, it is working, but never called after. 
That's why I choose to use sieve_after.


    Le vendredi 23 mars 2018 à 09:03:16 UTC+1, Alex JOST <jost+lists at> a écrit :  
 Am 22.03.2018 um 15:30 schrieb Mr Nicolas Belan:
> Hello the list,
> I am trying to achieve filter processing using sieve, but i am not sure I can do what I want.
> I want to let the user decide to use my filtering script (sieve_after) or not.According to the documentation, i am trying to stop processing in user sieve script, but processing continue.

sieve_default might be the better approach to this. It uses your script 
until the user defines his own script.

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