Config problem: Service #0 is missing name

Chris Ross cross+dovecot at
Sun Mar 25 17:08:24 EEST 2018

 Okay.  So following up on the problems I was discussing weeks ago, I have hand-patched dovecot to work around problems that I believe may be in libc and not dovecot.

 Trying to get the properly built and installed dovecot-2.2.35, however, is giving me an error I haven’t seen before.  I presume that something got munged while I was hand-configuring and installing/uninstalling/reinstalling the port in recent weeks.

 Running on a FreeBSD 11-stable machine, when I run “service dovecot start”, it tells me:

% sudo service dovecot start
Starting dovecot.
Fatal: Error reading configuration: Invalid settings: Service #0 is missing name
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/dovecot: WARNING: failed to start dovecot

 Surprisingly, googling for “Service #0 is missing name” didn’t yield a suggestion.  My config is the same as it had been previously, I believe.  Does anyone have an idea what might be wrong here?


               - Chris

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