Release 2.3.1

Stephan Bosch stephan at
Wed Mar 28 19:45:26 EEST 2018

Op 3/27/2018 om 7:06 PM schreef aki.tuomi at
> Hi!
> We are releasing v2.3.1, which mostly consists of bug fixes for 2.3.0, and few improvements. This is also available via if you want packages. libsodium support didn't get into this build, due to build environment issues, but 2.3.2 will contain it.
> * Submission server support improvements and bug fixes
>   - Lots of bug fixes to submission server
> * API CHANGE: array_idx_modifiable will no longer allocate space
>  - Particularly affects how you should check MODULE_CONTEXT result, or use REQUIRE_MODULE_CONTEXT.
> + mail_attachment_detection_options setting controls when
>   $HasAttachment and $HasNoAttachment keywords are set for mails.
> + imap: Support fetching body snippets using FETCH (SNIPPET) or
> + fs-compress: Automatically detect whether input is compressed or not.
>   Prefix the compression algorithm with "maybe-" to enable the
>   detection, for example: "compress:maybe-gz:6:..."
> + Added settings to change dovecot.index* files' optimization behavior.
>   See
> + Auth cache can now utilize auth workers to do password hash
>   verification by setting auth_cache_verify_password_with_worker=yes.
> + Added charset_alias plugin. See
> + imap_logout_format and pop3_logout_format settings now support all of the generic variables (e.g. %{rip}, %{session}, etc.)

BTW, the submission service is now documented here:



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