Disaster Recovery Help

Benny Pedersen me at mlfix.junc.eu
Tue Nov 13 00:43:01 EET 2018

Giovanni Bisanti TEST 2 skrev den 2018-11-12 20:19:
> I lost the whole maildir from my server fro 3 users. They all have
> iPhones with all the messages safely stored on the Apple Mail app on
> their phone. There is no way to export them/move them.

pop3 ?

> Is there a way to get Dovecot to just download all the messages and
> folder structure from the client and restore it on the server?

yes, if clients did pop3 setup to the server it works as designed, only 
fail is then clients wanted imap :=)

ask clients to make another imap setup, while keeping the pop3 setup, if 
both uses the same sasl login on dovecot, then in iphone its a matter of 
move mails withing folders

> Your help is very very much appreciated.

i disabled pop3 on dovecot, no more problems with my own clients, not 
even from iphone users

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