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Thu Nov 15 11:57:19 EET 2018


we are developing a web page, for a ticket system, to show the email 
messages ordered by the biggest attachments size present in an IMAP 
folder, with a pagination of 100 messages per page. Each raw represents 
a message with "DATE, FROM, SUBJECT, the preview (the first 500 chars of 
the text/html of the messsage) and the list of the attachments (name + 
size) it contains.

The problem is that the page load is VERY slow because we fetch the 
entire BODY of all 100 messages, in order to get the preview and the 
attachments name and size.

Now, considering that each messages can contain up to 50 MB of 
attachments, we risk to download 5000MB from IMAP for every page.

An option might be to perform two FETCH for each message:

- one fetch with just the BODYSTRUCTURE (where we can get the 
attachments name and size and the text/html parts).

- one fetch with the body parts (BODY.PEEK[]) we need to build the 
preview (text + html).

We are wondering if there is a single FETCH command to get the text and 
html parts (needed to build the preview) with only the name and the size 
of the attachments without downloading the entire message.


Alessio Cecchi
Postmaster @ http://www.qboxmail.it

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