Update virtual folders via doveadm?

Daniel Miller dmiller at amfes.com
Tue Nov 20 02:51:31 EET 2018

I'm trying to have my server maintain it's FTS indexes reasonably 
current at all times.  From prior threads, and based on my namespace 
configuration, I have the following hourly cronjob:

doveadm index -A -q '*'
doveadm index -A -q 'shared/*'
doveadm index -A -q 'virtual/*'

This seems to work just fine to maintain the FTS (Solr).  However - as I 
understand it Dovecot's virtual folders are not updated with new mails 
until they are accessed by a client.  Therefore the above command 
sequence would work fine for my default namespace and the shared - but 
the virtual namespace won't actually be current.  So...

Would a command such as:

doveadm mailbox status -A messages virtual/*

Be appropriate to run prior to the virtual/* FTS indexing?


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